Free Broadway Tix

One Of the perks of being a Situation Interactive Intern it’s getting complementary tickets to Broadway shows. Last week I had the chance to go see a Broadway show called “If/Then” starring Idina Menzel. Idina’s character, Elizabeth, moves to New York City searching for a new start after divorce. The play follows two paths taken by Elizabeth and it’s consequences, one being called Beth and the other being called Liz. Overall the show was great; the orchestra was great and the performances were great (but be aware, the story is hard to follow). It is remarkable the honesty of the play, away from stereotypes and current. Sometimes Hollywood makes it’s best to portray invincible heroes, in the other side If/Then characters remain human, close to their fears, doubts and happiness. If you have the chance to see it I highly recommend it. Although it wasn’t work I couldn’t help noticing a thing or two.

Looking inside playbill I noticed a little piece of paper inviting the audience to stay after the end of the show to chat with the cast. To be honest I was skeptical at first and proved wrong.The theater wasn’t packed, it should have been to it’s 70%, around 900+ watchers. At the end at least 10% of the audience stayed! The Q&A session was highly motivated by fans and curious like me, and got to meet a cast that was ready to answer.

The shift that this industry is taking orienting their efforts to add value to the experience is amazing. A marketing agency that works closely with Broadway shows called Situation Interactive has been talking about this in their events. If you consider it for a second, a talkback with the cast costs nothing to the producers, yet the experience for the audience is taken to the next level. just think about those who will spread the word about the show (here I’m writing about it), think about making a loyal fan base that will buy show merchandise, and (again) what’s the cost of it? nothing! The good news is you can apply this tool online too. With the technology now available a online video chat is easy to handle, eliminates all the physical barriers and helps reaching out to a wider audience.