“Interns Starting to Think Less About Their Future, More About Today”

Today I received my daily morning coffee of finance career news and as I read the title I thought this might be interesting for some of you so I’ll try to summarize it. The following information is based on a surveyed interns in banking, financial services. consulting, accounting and media & tech.

Interns Starting to Think Less About Their Future, More About Today

  • An internship is designed to accomplish one thing really: to provide experience that hopefully results in a shoe-in job offer immediately after graduating.
  • The trend among intern college students is that they care more about immediate gratification than what doors the program will open down the road.
  • Factors most important when selecting an internship: location and pay.
  • Interns increasingly care more about their paycheck and a short commute.
  • Student debt may play a big factor.

Just be aware of this and keep in mind that the most important things take time and patience to be completed.

*Source: efinancial Carrers Online Version. Wednesday, November 26, 2014. Beecher Tuttle