STANY Holiday Party 2014

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They say Finance could be a boring internship area in comparison to other “fun” stuff as fashion…but let me tell you I have enjoyed it as much as I could have ever imagined. How should you do it? Get the best of it!! Try new things, go to events, get business cards (I know they’ll be boring but they help), introduce yourself, be proactive and look forward to get more. I have adventured myself to get rid of my fears and decided to step up and get more than what I’m getting at my office.

Last week I attended as a volunteer in the STANY (The Security Traders Association of New York) Holiday Party 2014 and I got the chance to meet some new people and get connected for any future opportunities. It is a little overwhelming to meet important characters when you are too young because you may seem to not have any great things to brag on but is well seen to be so young and pursue your dreams.

So, no pressure…just be comfortable with what you are doing and trust yourself.