US Open

Hi everyone!  I want to share with you my experience at the US Open.

First of all, some of  my bucket list goals are to go to the four Grand Slams, which are the French Open in Paris, US Open in New York, Wimbledon in London, and Australian Open in Melbourne.

For me, just going one day is a whole experience. Watching one of the best tennis players in the world is amazing, buying racquet form key chains and buying the typical big tennis ball as well.

My favorite player was Novak Djokovic, he is from Serbia and is  ranked World number one player, so the stadium at the match was full. The match was so good, and of course Djokovic won.

I also saw two Mexicans players, it felt so good that Mexicans can be part of this important sport event.

I had such a good time, and I encourage you to plan on going to this type of events, because it´s a whole adventure. I suggest you to go even though you are not that into tennis.

Barbara Obregon

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US Open

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