Yesterday me and Ida went skydiving, and Lovisa came with us for support!

Skydiving is something I always wanted to do, and when Volker posted in our IIB Facebook group and ask if anyone was interested in going, I felt that I had to do it now!

The instructor that jumped with me was so kind. He said all the right things to make me calm before the jump. I was not that nervous, I mean of course it was scary but I chose to do it and I knew that I wouldn’t die.

In the video (press inlägg at the end) you first see Ida jump and then me. I can’t explain the feeling, like nothing I ever done before. First we just fell for one minute (that minute felt like 10 seconds) and after that the parachute came out, we were in the air for about 5 minutes. I hate carrousels and roller coasters, so when he was turning around in the air I felt a bit nausea.. But it was okay. It was such a nice view. I asked if he could point at New Paltz University, so I actually saw it from up there. It was a good day for skydiving, the weather was perfect!

Overall it was an awesome feeling to be so high up. Afterwards were both really happy and felt a big relief. I’m so glad I can share this experience with my wonderful friend Ida! WE DID IT! Now we can check skydiving from our bucket list.

We got a diploma and also a lot of pictures and a video to bring home. Can´t wait to show it to my mother when I come home, she would never do anything like this and she got a nice surprise today when I told her what I had done. I knew that she would have been so worried and scared if I had told her before I jumped so I chose to tell her afterwards, now she know that it is over and everything is okay.

I wonder what my next challenge will be!


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