Beautiful Brooklyn

Not much of a surprise, but I have been to NYC again! This time, for interviews – very exiting! One of the companies I met with was located in Brooklyn, so I took the F line subway and I got off at York Street. Without having any expectations about the place, I suddenly realized that I was walking through a really cool area – the area is called Dumbo and it is an area you must visit if you enjoy visiting new and super cool cafés, shops, restaurants and art galleries! There are some really nice food markets as well.

The most spectacular of all in this area was the amazing views I got to see. I was extremely surprised by the magnificent Manhattan Bridge that suddenly appeared between two buildings when I was trying to find my way to the interview. I didn’t have the time to look at the bridge more closely since I wanted to make sure I would find the office and get to my appointment in time, so I rushed to the address that my GPS pointed out.

After my interview, I went to see the water – and what a view!! I reached the Main Street Playground and I had the Manhattan Bridge on my right side, a cozy rocky beach right next to me and the Brooklyn Bridge on my left side. Beautiful! I walked towards the Brooklyn Bridge and I stopped to watch children ride Jane’s Carousel. Imagine an old-fashion carousel with music playing and a beautiful view in the background… wow, it took my breath away. After a couple of hours of sightseeing, ice cream eating and some chatting with Elliot (a guy I made friends with at the pier) – I met up with a friend of mine from Brooklyn. We went to a restaurant called Alma Restaurant, a Mexican rooftop restaurant in the area of Brooklyn Heights. If you are near by – don’t miss this restaurant!

Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn are definitely some areas that are worth to be explored further. You should too!