Labour Day Weekend in Bahston!

Last weekend I decided to go to Boston to visit my boyfriend who is studying there and a friend from Mexico who just arrived for her exchage.

The whole trip was just AWESOME! It started on Saturday at 7 am when I took the bus to NY, where I would transfered to the bus that took me to Boston, I had the nicest bus partner by the way -got lots of tips for NYC!

Arriving to Boston’s South Station I got a movie reception from my boyfriend waiting for me with some flowers, and after that, we went to the beach that was about one hour away from Boston by car, so yeah, I was sitting pretty much all day, but one we arrived to the beach it was totally worth the trip! We had really nice weather and really cold water! After the beach we went back to Boston to see the fireworks of Labour Day from a bar next to the river.

On Sunday, we all went sightseeing Boston to the “Freedom Trail” and stopped for lunch at Quincy Market where we had the traditional “Clam Chowda” and “Lobsta Roll”. Afterwards we walked through Newbury Street and stopped for a nice and refreshing iced coffee, to keep us from melting from the cold weather!

And finally, on Sunday it was time to leave. We used well the morning though because we went sailing! But suddenly it was time to say goodbye and return to my home-sweet-home at the Super 8.

I loved Boston and I keep telling the group that we have to go all together soon!

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