Hasbrouck Dining Hall

One of the big concerns when you leave your home country is food. A few question pop like, What am I going to eat? Am I going to like it? Is it expensive? No worries, New Paltz has lots of options that will suit you. This time I’m going to talk you about the Hasbrouck Dining Hall.

One of the options you have while in New Pakts is the “Hasbrouck Dining Hall”. You have credit for 20 meals charged in your student card (this is a nice way to save you dinning and hawk dollars). Just give your card to the cashier and you are all set. This is where you want to go if you are up for a good, big and quick meal. It’s a few houndred meters away from the Union Building Hall so that makes it really convinient.

Once you are in the hall you can eat as many as you want. The menu goes from a salad bar, pizza, pasta, fish to ice cream. If you are thristy there are plenty of choices too. Do you want to strech your budget? Stay at the hall from lunch to dinner no one will ask you to leave. In between you can work on your resume or homwork. It works!

So now you know almost all about it. Follow the menu @HungryHawks