Finding my way around campus

As a former student of Linköping University, Sweden, I’m used to a campus consisting of a single street with lecture halls on either side of the street. I’m not used to an entire campus with residence halls, health centers and so much more. Therefore, my greatest challenge when I arrived to SUNY New Paltz was to learn to find my way around campus.

Even after a long walk in the sun around campus I can’t say that I know where all the buildings are located or where to find the best cup of coffee, but I can say that there is some beautiful places on campus! With this scenery I don’t mind getting lost sometimes.

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Even though I still have a lot of places left to discover I have at least succeeded in finding the Athletic & Wellness Center, which is probably the most important building in my life right now considering all the junk food and candy I manage to eat 24/7!