What to do when you’re on your own in NYC?

Last week I went to NYC! I went by myself, something that others might think is crazy.. but it really isn’t. I wanted to go salsa dancing, and at salsa places you don’t need any company – you will meet a lot of new people at the dance floor. I can promise you, it is much easier to meet fun people if you go alone, not only at salsa places, anywhere.

The night started with some performances by famous salsa and bachata dancers that were sooo awesome (e.g. Yamulee, Ataca y Alemana, Zafire if you want to YouTube them). Afterwards I went to a restaurant/bar called The Havanna (close to Times Square) to have a drink while I waited for the salsa party to start. I can really recommend La Havanna! They had live salsa music and such a nice atmosphere, I will definitely be back sometimes. I became friends with a really funny and energetic woman while sitting in the bar. We even got up on the small so called “dance floor” to dance some salsa together in front of the live band – so much fun! After I had finished my pineapple mojito, I went back to the salsa place, ready to start the real dancing. I met a lot of new people and I danced until I was totally wet and my feet hurt.

I already miss the dance floor and I’m so much looking forward to next weekend when all of us from the IIB program will go to New York City. I think I will sneak out and dance a few hours while the others are out partying..

More updates soon!

Me concentrating during salsa dancing.

Me and my friend Carlos dancing salsa in Stockholm.