Oh, how hard it is to speak Spanish!

In this melting pot the Super 8 Motel is with all us international students, having fun is not optional. Even a simple conversation about the weather or cloths might lead to a hilarious situation.

As an Argentinean, you may think that I should master Spanish and should be able to communicate with no problem with our Mexican fellows. Well, that is not completely true. Every country in America has twisted the original Spanish from Spain and developed its own version of it.

The fun turns double when our Italian friend joins the conversation. Alberto – blogger on this site too – is learning Spanish incredibly fast, I don’t know how he does it. Even I sometimes have trouble understanding my Mexicans friends, and he seems to do better than I with his lexical.

I wonder if this happens that often in English too. If you want to taste a bit of the fun we have while speaking and learning the different “Spanishs”, I invite you to view this video (English subs included) from “Intentalocarito” about how a word can have a ten or more different meanings depending on where do you say it!