Farewell New Paltz

photo 4

The day that I saw so far away is finally here. The time has come for the IIB group to move to New York City. Along this eight weeks we have experienced all kinds of emotions and situations. We have laughed and cried together, we all felt fear and uncertainty when one of us was waiting to hear back from an employer. We felt each others’ joy when we accepted a job offering and celebrated as if it was our own victory. Our advisors also played a huge role in this not so smooth path, they were the one cheering for us un putting our spirits up. We could have never done it without their help, faith and support. I will always value my experience here. Now its time to explore a new city and make some new memories.

To my fellow IIB friends, how was your experience at SUNY New Paltz? What are your expectations for NYC? AREN’T YOU ALL SOOOO EXCITED??!!