Different Place, Same Passion

Sports will help you keeping fit and healthy, but there are other things you will gain when practicing a sport.Different Places, Same Passion

I can’t stress enough how sports are social catalysts. I have practiced many sports in my life, and I can’t count the many friends I have made thanks to that. The sense of belonging a team sport generates in the people committed to achieve a goal is an incredible bond. And weather the goal is achieved or not, the experience shared will never be forgotten.

I suggest you take a sport that you feel passion for and practice it wherever you are. Not only you will be able to test yourself against unknown people, but you will notice that those people will soon became acquaintances first and soon friends.

My passion, you will probably have already guessed is soccer (football for the rest of the world, ha). I have played at least a match in every country I have visited  and I must say is a wonderful experience. Soccer has had great impact in developing my personality and has helped me forging lots of friendships all over the world.

To end with I wanted to share a quote about my favorite sport:

There is people that states that soccer has nothing to do with men’s life, with its most essential things. I don’t know how much does this people know about life. But I am sure about something:  they know nothing about soccer.”

Do you think it could be applied to other sports?