Interning at BOTEP

Starting my forth week as an intern at Beast of the East Productions (BOTEP) I can only say that it has been AMAZING. I now am in charge of one of the social media pages, I did the credits for one music video, helped organizing footage for a documentary and I have been doing a lot of research and readings. I now know from memory the Top 10 talent agencies that represent actors, directors, producers, and whoever is related on this business, and I’m really proud of myself for that ;). Also, I have been learning to use another editing program, Adobe Premiere; I already know one, but as part of my internship everyone at BOTEP want for me to know other editing programs.

I really like that each week has something different; last week I went to the “Green Carpet” event for Mythic Bridge, a non-profit organization committed to providing filmmaking education to the underserved. This was a screening of short films that young and future filmmakers did on the September workshop; and two weeks ago I helped on the shooting of a short film, it was AWESOME :D.

So now, I can only say that I’m LOVING this experience and I’m extremely happy to know that the people at BOTEP, Ramfis, Adam and Somer, really want for me to learn. Even though every day is a little crazy, and with a lot of work (even when I’m only reading), I know that when I finish my internship, my knowledge about producing and editing will be so much more than I had when I got here.

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