New York, New York

Madison Square Park

A place that doesn’t need any introduction. A place that embraces and challenges your senses. A place that fulfills your expectations and yet surprises you every time. A place called home.

No, this time I’m not talking about my incredible home region of Höganäs, in Sweden. This time I’m talking about our common home. The dream, the reality and now the future home of the IIB-students; New York City.

“The city where there’s nothing you can’t do, because now you’re in New York. The streets will make you feel brand new and the big lights will inspire you.”

While you walk around the city and experience all that Jay-Z is talking about you should just enjoy and imbibe the moment. This is what you dreamed about. It can be hard to embrace all the impressions and feelings in that moment. One advice from me is to seek out one of the fantastic parks in the city. It’s a place for the contrasts to become perspectives and a place where stress becomes gratefulness. It’s a place for peace of mind.

The picture above is from a wonderful Monday morning in Madison Square Park, located where W 25th St becomes E 25th St.

“I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep.” Yes Frank, me too.