Main Street walks


Well, time has gone by so fast this past couple of months. I can’t even believe that in 2 weeks we are going to the city and we will no longer be in New Paltz. Even though I can’t wait to be in NYC it is kind of nostalgic to say goodbye to what has been our home for this period of time. This is why I wanted to talk a little about Main Street in New Paltz, because it is in this really small street that a lot of the best memories have happened while we are here.

For example, yesterday I went with some of the Mexican girls to have a walk there during the whole afternoon. We first had lunch at McGillicuddy’s one of my favorite spots in this little town. I love it because there is a wide variety of foods but especially because we have had some really good times there. After we ate we just walked around Main Street and we stopped in some of its book and music shops. These stores are my favorite around here, because you can spend hours looking at all the books and music they have to offer. When we were coming back home we stopped at Moxie´s coffee shop and had a delicious cupcake.

I think I will really miss the tranquility and relaxing walks in New Paltz, because I know that when we get to the city there will be a lot more noise!