Mexican food at Tacombi in NYC


Those of you who are hungry for Mexican food and would like to try a great place in NYC – Listen up!

At 267 Elizabeth St (Nolita) you will find a small, loud, dark, genuine, and-and completely… wonderful restaurant called Tacombi.

From the VW bus, delicious tacos are being prepared for hungry and friendly guests. The service is great and as bright as all the countless candles that lights up this cozy former storage room. If you find it hard to choose from the menu, just ask the waitress to surprise you – and she will keep that promise!

If you will go for the tacos, order at least three different kinds. If you would like their homemade juice, the watermelon is really good. If you haven’t booked a table, be prepared to wait for 30 min. If you would like great Mexican food in a restaurant you will never forget, go to Tacombi!