Trip to the mountains!

Last Saturday all of us Swedish girls wanted to visit the Mohonk Mountain House. We had heard that it is a really beautiful house with amazing surroundings.

We called a cab that took us up the mountain but when we finally made it to the entrance we were stopped by a guard. The guard asked us if we had made a reservation, which we had not done because we just wanted to walk around the resort. She told us that the resort is not open for over day guest accept if you  have a reservation. She offered us to make a lunch reservation for $67 each to get the possibility to enter. Disappointed we said thank you but no thank you. We did not feel that our student wallets could afford it.

The taxi driver told us that he could drive us to the Mohonk Preserve instead where we could do some hiking. After a 5 minute drive we arrived at the Mohonk Preserve visitor’s center. There we were told that we could hike but we would have to walk one mile to get to the start and pay $12 to enter the forest. We felt that $12 was too much to pay just to take some pictures (and we were not really dressed for hiking, so in the end I think we made the right decision). The man told us that there is a little hiking trail around the visitor’s center for free. We ran out and explored the beautiful nature and took pictures.

After the short trail we went to explore the near shop and restaurant that the taxi driver had told us about. It all ended with us ordering German food at the Mountain Brauhaus. I can really recommend the Mountain Brauhaus, such a good service and the food was fresh and delicious! It was so nice to finally get to eat some real European food, which also tasted  homemade!

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