Hi everyone!!
It has been a while since last time I wrote here. We have been quite busy these last few weeks, trying to survive exams, assignments and projects. Despite this, we are doing our best not to get buried under the books and to go out at least on the weekends!
One of the best nights was the day Erica came back from Italy. After our italian dinner we went to Joe’s East West, a country pub here in New Paltz! We had a lot of fun, not only because we learned country line dance but also because some of us tried to ride the mechanical bull!!! It wasn’t easy and it was a little bit painful..but so fun!!!! Unfortunately the mechanical bull is in town only once a month..but I really suggest to those who still haven’t tried to do it!!!
Here are some pictures of that night!! (we also have some videos, but they will remain private..they’re too embarrassing!!)

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