Italian Survival Kit: PASTA

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Here’s another post about how we Italians are trying to adapt to the American environment.

As most people know, Italians love pasta and we are quite stubborn on how to cook it. For this reason we “forced” one of the Italians, who was going to Italy for her graduation ceremony to bring back a huge suitcase containing some of the delicious food of our land.

When she came back, we had a great wild boar meat sauce. However we needed one thing: the legendary “pasta al dente”. But what could we do since we do not have a kitchen? Non-Italians would say “maybe it’s better to wait three weeks until we live in New York City as we will have the cooking utensils there.” Being Italians and starting to dream about pizza, we decided that we couldn’t wait! But the problem remained…how to cook it?

We found a way but I want to warn you before telling what we did. If you are an Italian reader, please forgive us for what we did but we were kind of desperate! So what did we do? We found some suggestions on the Internet on how to cook pasta in the microwave. For those who have not read my previous post, about a month ago, we bought a rice cooker. We boiled the water using the rice cooker, and since we do not know for how long it keeps the temperature hot, soon after the water started boiling, we poured the pasta in it and afterwards we put everything in the microwave for five minutes. You are probably thinking that the result was a disaster but in the end, if there is good wine being served, we Italians always smile. So, even if the pasta had a plastic texture, the dinner felt a bit like being back in Italy and then you know, “dove c’è Barilla, c’è casa”.