Cuisine of SUNY New Paltz

All the international students come in America with the intention to eat junk food for a semester. And they think they will miss the home cooked food.

But surprisingly here in SUNY New Paltz we have so many different choices! Hamburgers and pizzas? No Way! In the campus you have the opportunity to eat in a good sushi restaurant, which is really fast and genuine, or a salad. This makes you stop eating junk food and maintain your normal eating habit.

But most of all, it’s the Hasbrouck hall restaurant. In fact here we have a vast selection of food, from the Mexican to the Italian Pasta, to the, American Hamburgers (of course).

And the quality? Don’t worry guys, I’ve seen with my own eyes the chefs checking the temperature of all the plates over there, and change the food every day. So who think that in the U.S. we eat onlybadfood, should rethink again.

Hasbrouck hall 0_o

Hasbrouck hall 0_o